Tiffany Reisz

Book List

  •  -  The Siren (The Original Sinners #1)
  •  -  The Angel (The Original Sinners #2)
  •  -  The Prince (The Original Sinners #3)
  •  -  The Mistress (The Original Sinners #4)
  •  -  Seven Day Loan (The Original Sinners #0.5)
  •  -  Submit to Desire (The Original Sinners 0.7)
  •  -  The Gift (The Original Sinners 0.5)
  •  -  Little Red Riding Crop (The Original Sinners 0.6)
  •  -  The Mistress Files (The Original Sinners #3.5)

  •  -  The Last Good Knight

  • About The Author

    Tiffany Reisz lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her boyfriend and two cats (one that may or may not be the Anti-Christ). She graduated with a B.A. in English from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and is making both her parents and her professors proud by writing erotica under her real name. Tiffany has six piercings, one tattoo, and has been arrested twice. When not under arrest, Tiffany enjoys Latin Dance, Latin Men, and Latin Verbs. She dropped out of a conservative southern seminary in order to pursue her dream of becoming a smut peddler. Johnny Depp's aunt was her fourth grade teacher. There is little to nothing interesting about her.