Lynda Chance

Book List

  •  -  Marco's Redemption
  •  -  Josh & Hannah (Redwood Falls #1)
  •  -  Staking His Claim (Ranchers of Chatum County #1)
  •  -  Sarah's Surrender (Ranchers of Chatum County #2)
  •  -  Rule's Obsession (The House of Rule #1)
  •  -  Rule's Property (The House of Rule #2)
  •  -  The Mistress Mistake
  •  -  His Indecent Proposal

  • About The Author

    Always a fan of romantic fiction, I've always been in love with the alpha-male. So in love, I've never been quite satisfied with the restrictions of series romance. I like to get into a guy's mind and have him do or say exactly what he's feeling at the moment, and sometimes I shock even myself! I consider my stories soft erotica; one man, one woman, heterosexual. But since abiding love is always the happy ending I'm looking for, my couples are always monogamous. My guy would never share his woman with anyone, and she is always enough to satisfy him. Since I believe that love starts with lust, my stories are always highly sexual, explicit in nature, and hopefully totally satisfying to my readers. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.