Beneath This Man (This Man #2)(14)

by Jodi Ellen Malpas

‘Ava, you f**king kill me.’ he says quietly. I pull my head down so our eyes meet. ‘I love you.’ he whispers, sliding his hands down to rest on my hips. I jerk and the corner of his mouth twitches. ‘I love how you flinch when I touch you here.’ He circles his index fingers in the sensitive hollows. I struggle to keep my legs steady. ‘I love how wet you are for me here.’ He slides his finger into me and drags the wetness out and over my lips.

I moan.

‘I love how you taste.’ He slips his finger into his mouth and pulls it out slowly while he watches me, then taking my hand again, he tugs me towards him and guides me down onto his waiting arousal.

I cry out when he impales me, the thick hardness of him completely spearing me.

He rests his forehead against mine. ‘I love how it feels to be inside you.’ He locks his hands around my lower back. ‘Wrap your legs around me.’ he demands.

I hook my legs around his waist and loop my ankles, pulling me in closer to him. His breath falters as I reach forward and place my hands on the front of his shoulders.

‘’ he states firmly as he begins to slide us slowly forward on the seat, the abrupt halt at the end of the runner causing me to jerk slightly on a small cry.

His eyes clench shut.

Yes, now I am beginning to see the benefits of this. His penetration is deep, but it won’t take many of these slides and hits to have me begging to let go.

When he opens his eyes, I lower my mouth to his and he accommodates my demand for mouth contact. I love his mouth. I love what he can do with his mouth. I love the words and the tones that come out of his mouth. I love the way he chews his bottom lip when deliberating something important to him.

‘I love you.’ I say against his lips.

He pulls back, his handsome face looking content. ‘I can’t tell you how happy that makes me.’ He slowly slides us back up the runner. ‘Do you need me?’

I brace myself for the jolt that I know will come and when it does, we both moan together. ‘I need you.’

‘That makes me happy too. Again?’ he asks, but he’s already on his way back down the runner.

‘Please.’ We jolt again at the end of the line. ‘Wow!’ I blurt as the ache in my stomach transforms into a slow climb to cl**ax.

We’re travelling back up the runner, a bit faster this time.



‘I know,’ he whispers. ‘More?’

‘Yes!’ I plunge my tongue into his mouth desperately.

He slides us down slowly, but doesn’t let it hit the end this time. Instead, he pushes off with his feet and sends us gliding up the runner. We hit the end with such force, our bodies collide hard and I have to release his lips and bury my face in his shoulder on a choked scream.

‘Oh shit!’ he strains and repeats the same delicious move.

Slide and hit!

This is intense. I’ve never felt him so deep. I rest my mouth on his shoulder, resisting the urge to clamp onto him with my teeth, my hands moving onto the back of his head to hold me steady as he slides us back down the runner, ready for another crash to the top. My insides are furling, and I can feel him twitching and kicking inside me. He catapults us back up the runner and when we hit the top, my teeth sink into his shoulder and I cry out in pure, exquisite pleasure.

‘Fuck, Ava!’

I release my teeth and kiss my bite mark as we descend again.

‘Get your teeth back into my shoulder.’ he pants.

Oh, he likes it. I recall many times when I have bit him and stabbed him with my nails. I do as I’m bid and moan against him as I bite his shoulder on a crash.

‘Shit, I’m going to come,’ he yells, letting us roll back down the runner. ‘You ready?’

‘Yes!’ I wrap my mouth around his shoulder and clamp my teeth lightly, ready for his assault.

He lets loose.

There are no more controlled movements. He slides and crashes us relentlessly as I clamp onto him with my teeth and fingernails. The intensity of his muscled length pounding me deeply has me screaming his name against his shoulder. I start to feel fireworks fizzing as he continues with the slides and hits, pushing me towards ultimate detonation. The relentless throbbing and beating of his erection deep inside me has me sprinting to the finish and I’m gone, pushed into ecstasy on a loud crash and a cry from both of us. I sink my teeth in once more, sending Jesse into a bucking fit as his h*ps fly up and he shouts loudly.

Oh my God.

I’m still pulsing and riding out my orgasm when I’m vaguely aware of being gently rocked back and forth, the slight motion draining everything he has to give me.

I pull my face away from his shoulder and plant a kiss on the bite mark.

‘You’re a savage, lady.’ He twists his head to take a look at himself, and then his eyes flick to mine.

Taking possession of my mouth, he kisses me deeply and I squeeze him in my arms, joining him in his blissful oblivion. I could stay like this forever, completely encased in Jesse.

‘I’m going to take you to bed and sleep all night buried deep inside you.’ He slowly begins to lift, keeping us connected. ‘Kiss me, now.’ he commands as he starts striding out of the gym with me wrapped around his waist. I run my hands through his hair and gently yank it before slowly lowering my lips to his.

‘Savage.’ he says against my lips.

I smirk and open my eyes as he takes the stairs, finding him staring at me as our tongues dance leisurely between our mouths. I hold his eyes with mine the entire way to the bedroom where he lowers me to the bed under him. I can feel him hardening inside me again. This man is relentless.

Hooking his arm under my lower back, he shifts me up the bed until my head finds a pillow, our mouths and bodies remaining locked the whole journey.

‘Stay with me.’ he says, pulling back and brushing my hair away from my face. He studies me intently, his eyes sparkling with satisfaction at having me in his arms.

‘I’m here.’

‘Move in with me.’ He drops his face and circles my nose with his.

Oh? Does this man know the meaning of the word gradual? He’s being a bit hasty, and we still haven’t discussed any of the more important stuff – like The Manor and work and his challenging ways.

‘I want you here when I go to sleep.’ He licks my bottom lip. ‘And I want you here when I wake up. Starting and ending my day with you is all I need.’

Now, I’m fully aware that if I don’t give the answer he wants, I’m facing an attack of the sulks or a sense f**k, and I don’t want to spoil this moment. I need this moment. ‘Do you not think this is all a bit soon?’ I ask.

He pulls his face up, his expression not quite sulky, but well on its way. ‘You obviously do.’

‘It’s been two days.’ I try to reason with him.

He frowns. ‘Two days since what?’ He lifts his torso up and slips out from me a little, planting his forearms into the mattress on either side of my head. He plunges forward and my breath catches in my throat. ‘I want this every morning and every night.’ He smirks, knowing damn well what he’s doing to me. He’s going to hit me with a sense f**k. ‘And maybe a bit in between.’ He lazily pulls back and slowly pushes forward again. I clench my eyes closed. I’m not fooled that he is about to make love to me. Maybe, if I agree, I’ll get gentle Jesse, but I’m really not sure about living with him.

‘You only want me for my body.’ I feign shock on a rushed breath.

He gasps and drives long and controlled into me. ‘You don’t want this?’

I throw my head back and moan. ‘You don’t play fair, Mr Ward.’

He withdraws slowly. ‘Say yes!’ he shouts as he pounds forward, knocking the wind right out of me, forcing my arms to fly back to brace myself on the headboard. ‘Have I got to f**k some sense into you, Ava?’

Oh, here it comes. He’s going to f**k some sense into me that makes no sense at all. Moving in with him? It’s way too soon.

My muscles tighten and my blood heats, sailing through my veins at a ridiculous speed. I hate that he does this to me. All sensibility is well and truly derailed. ‘No!’ I snap, and he thunders into me again, grunting as he does. He reaches forward with his bad hand and slides his palm under the back of my head, pulling me up to face him. I’m not sure if the scowl on his face is because he’s mad or because his hand is hurting.

‘Say it.’ he orders and then charges forward again.

I’m not going to give in on this. It really is too soon. He won’t stop this; he’s too far gone himself. ‘No.’ I state firmly and precisely on a pant.

He growls and hammers forward, pounding mercifully into me. I grip onto him with the muscles of my womb as he forces me further up the bed. ‘Fucking hell, say it, Ava!’ he roars. A bead of sweat trails down his temple and his frown line jumps into position.


‘Ava!’ he shouts, and it echoes around the bedroom before he smashes our mouths together viciously. I buck and writher under his forceful body and greedy mouth as my pending release simmers low in my groin. ‘You like that?’ he gasps against my mouth as he persists with his relentless pounds.


‘You want this every day?’

‘Yes!’ I cry. I really do!

He yanks my hair tighter and grinds his h*ps harder. ‘Say it then.’ he growls. I feel the wound up coils snapping inside me as I fly into a bottom pit of pure pleasure beneath him. All reason is lost as he takes ownership of my body, soul and mind.

‘Yes! Yes! Yes! Fucking hell. Yes!’ I scream.

‘Watch your f**king mouth!’ His booming voice is piercing as he joins me in my pleasure and releases my hair before punching his fist into the mattress. That had to hurt! He pushes himself into me as deep as he can and holds himself there, his head rolling back.

He groans.

I feel his hot release pumping deep into me, and I bring my hands down from the headboard to rest on his chest. His head drops, his eyes find mine and he slowly circles his h*ps against me, easing us both down.

‘That wasn’t so hard, was it?’ His voice is hoarse and dry.

I smooth his solid chest under my palms. ‘I was under the influence.’ I say, and then mentally slap myself for my poor choice of words.

He can’t hold me to this, surely. But then I realise…this is Jesse, my unreasonable control freak. He can, and he will.

He smiles a glorious, full smile and kisses me tenderly, then rolls us over so I’m sprawled across this chest. His finger traces the column of my spine and he smoothes my hair. I snuggle happily into him.

He sighs.

‘I can’t be with you every second of the day.’ I say thoughtfully, though how I feel right now, it’s tempting. Why wouldn’t I want this day and night, and a little bit between as well?

He exhales, long and wearily. ‘I know you can’t. I wish you could.’

‘I have a job, a life.’

‘I want to be your life.’ he says quietly.

‘You are.’ I argue softly. He can be so vulnerable and delicate, and I know I’m the answer to that. It is miles away from the domineering brute who just f**ked some sense into me. Is it sense, though, or just pure craziness?

Chapter 7

I’m freezing cold. I wince at the invasion of light that’s attacking my eyes as I open them and bolt upright in bed.

Where is he?

I brush my hair out of my face, jump out of bed and rush into the bathroom. He’s not there. In a blind panic, I hot foot it downstairs and skid to a stop at the kitchen entrance.

‘Morning.’ He puts his coffee down and gets up from the island, walking casually towards me. It’s like I’m looking at a different man. Have I dreamt the last couple of days?