Beneath This Man (This Man #2)(15)

by Jodi Ellen Malpas

He is fully clad in a charcoal grey suit, crisp white shirt and a soft pink tie. He’s clean shaven, his messy blonde hair has been manipulated to the side and his green eyes are twinkling in delight. He looks stunning.

‘Urh…morning.’ I stutter. I’m confused.

He reaches for me and wraps an arm around my waist, then hoists me off my feet and up to his lips. ‘Sleep well?’ he asks, brushing his lips against mine.

‘Hmmm.’ I hum. I’m staggered. I was sure that I would be set for battle this morning with Mr Challenging.

‘You see, this is exactly why I want you here morning, noon and night.’ he muses.

‘Why?’ I ask on a frown. So he can do this every morning? Maybe moving in with him wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

He lets me slide down his front, then stands back to look me up and down. He clasps his newly shaved chin with his bad hand and arches a brow on a mild grin.

Oh f**king hell! I’m naked!

‘Shit!’ I turn and make a hasty retreat to the stairs.

I don’t get very far. He catches me halfway up, wrapping his arm around my waist and lifting me from my feet. ‘Watch your mouth!’ He turns and takes me back to the kitchen, sitting me on the breakfast bar.

‘Oh!’ I yelp, as the coldness of the marble spreads across my bare backside.

He laughs and separates my thighs before settling himself between them. ‘I want you to come down for breakfast every morning just like this.’ He trails his finger from my knee to the apex of my thighs. I’m more than awake now. I’m tense too.

‘You’re confident I’m going to be here every morning.’ I say as casually as any woman can when a God-like creature is lightly brushing his forefinger across her pubic hair. I’m trying to display a cool and casual demeanor, but I’m rigid, and he knows it. Anyway, he can’t hold me to things when I’ve agreed to them mid-orgasm.

He’s fighting a grin. ‘I am confident, because you said yes. Or was it…’ He looks up to the ceiling in deep thought and then back at me. ‘Oh, I remember. It was…yes, yes, yes, f**king hell, yes!’ He loses the battle to restrain his grin and the corner of his mouth lifts cheekily as he slips his finger inside me.

I tense further. ‘I was caught at a weak moment.’ I can’t hide the lust in my voice. He’s got me.

He circles his thumb over my clitoris and my leg muscles start aching. I shift on the worktop slightly to give him better access. I’m so bloody easy.

‘Do I need to remind you why it was a good decision?’ he asks, and then takes my lips, trading one finger for two and plunging straight into me, whipping me into a desperate, wanton state.

No he doesn’t. It’s nonsensical, but I’ll take the reminder. I grab his suit jacket, clench my fists and moan into his mouth. I feel him grin against my lips before he releases them and pushes me down on the worktop. The coldness of the marble radiates through me, but I’m beyond caring about a little coldness against my bare skin. I need him…again.

With his eyes burning into mine, he undoes his belt and trousers urgently then yanks his boxers down, freeing his morning erection. In a coordinated set of moves, he clasps me under my thighs and pulls me forward onto his waiting cock.

‘This is another reason.’ he growls, pulling back and then hurling forward.

‘Oh God! Jesse!’ I drop my head back onto the worktop and arch my back into him. Oh good Lord, he has the moves. He starts a punishing rhythm of drives that have me clamping my hands on the edge of the worktop to stop myself riding up the marble. His breathing is hard and loud, and he lets a gruff bawl escape his lips on each advance.

‘Fuck! You feel perfect, baby.’ He rams forward again, hitting me hard, a despairing yelp bursting from my mouth.

I don’t know what to do with myself; he’s relentless with his momentum as he charges forward over and over and over. I’m dizzy. He places his hand on my breast and massages hard, all in time with his solid thrusts.

‘Remember yet?’ he barks, but I can’t answer. Speech has totally evaded me. With each powerful drive, he is edging me closer and closer. I inhale and hold my breath as I reach the summit of my build up. ‘Answer the question, Ava,’ he demands. ‘Now!’


‘You’re staying with me?’ His grip of my breast tightens, his h*ps powering forward relentlessly.

‘Oh God! Oh God! Jesse!’

‘Answer the f**king question, Ava!’ His unremitting blows are sending me wild, my head spinning, my core trembling violently.

‘Yes!’ I scream on a rushed release of air as I’m rocketed skyward in a deliriously wonderful sensation of satisfaction, buzzing from top to toe, my back arching, my body in fits of spasms.

‘Oh yes!’ He collapses on top of me, pinning me to the worktop.

I flop my arms above my head on an exhausted sigh and let my muscles naturally contract around him as we lay panting and sweating on the island. I’m completely and utterly shattered. I could go back to bed, but I’ve got to go to work and not that I would admit it to Jesse, I really don’t want to. I would rather he carry me upstairs and love me all day long –maybe longer.

‘Morning.’ I say between pants.

He lifts his head up to look at me. ‘God, I f**king love you.’

‘I know you do. You shaved.’ I breathe. I really could go back to bed. I feel like I’ve been on one of his torturous runs.

‘You want me to grow it back?’

I reach up and run my palm down his newly smoothed face. ‘No, I like seeing all of you.’

He turns his face into my palm and kisses it, then pushes himself up and plants a kiss on my stomach before withdrawing from me to sort his trousers out.

He stares down at me as he refastens his belt then wipes his moist, lush lips with the back of his hand. ‘I’ve got to go. Get out of my sight before I take you again,’ He clasps my hand and pulls me off the counter before dropping a long sensual kiss on my lips. ‘Now.’

I debate remaining exactly where I am – I want more, but he seems content with getting on with his day without me and that has to be a good thing. I don’t want to derail him, so I saunter off butt n**ed and well aware that he’s watching me. I stop at the archway and turn to face him, finding him standing with his hands in his pockets, legs spread slightly, his eyes twinkling. He’s studying me very carefully.

‘Have a nice day.’ I smile, reaching down and running my finger over my moist cleft, and then up to my mouth. Oh, I really am a little temptress.

‘Fuck off, Ava.’ he warns.

I grin and pivot, taking myself upstairs. I am such a slut! But I don’t care. I’m pleasantly surprised by his happy persona this morning. I had been bracing myself for a challenge, trying to get myself out of the penthouse Jesse-free and on with my working day. This is progress. I’m pleased.

It’s Monday and I have a lot of work to sort out. I feel powerful and I need to power dress to enhance my confident attitude. Thank God Kate took the initiative to pack some work clothes and… my black, sleeveless pencil dress.

I shower and make the best job I can with my hair before slipping my dress on and grabbing my red heels on the way downstairs, but I come to an abrupt halt at the door.


I haven’t got my car and some of the files I need are in there. I exit the penthouse hastily and race downstairs to find Clive taking a delivery outside the foyer. I run out into the sunshine towards him while putting my shades on. ‘Clive, I need a cab!’

‘Ava, how are you this morning?’ He beams at me. ‘Your transport is here.’

‘My transport?’

He points towards a black Range Rover, and I see John leaning against the hood on his phone. He has his customary shades on and his black suit. He nods at me, as per his usual greeting.

I start walking towards him, but remember something. I swing back to face Clive. ‘Did Jesse speak to you about the visitor he had yesterday?’

‘No, Ava.’ Clive makes his way back to his desk.

Hmmm. I thought not. I carry on my way and as I approach John, I catch the tail end of his conversation.

‘She’s here, Jesse, I’ll be there soon.’ His rumbling voice always makes him sound like he’s in a bad mood. He hangs up and nods at the car, his indication that he wants me to get in.

I take myself around the front and climb in. If I wasn’t in such a rush, I would probably complain. ‘Why are you here?’ I ask as I settle in the passenger seat.

‘Jesse asked me to take you to work.’ He doesn’t sound impressed.

I don’t want to put him out. Jesse must have realised before me that my car wasn’t here, but I could have just got a cab. There’s no need to arrange lifts for me and anyway, why didn’t he just hang around and take me himself?

‘I need to get my car. Do you mind? It’s at Kate’s, she lives in Notting Hill.’

He nods his acceptance, lets his window down and leans his arm on the frame. He looks like one mean mother f**ker. I wonder how he and Jesse know each other. Yes, he works for Jesse, but he seems to be in the know about the drink problem too, or lack of problem –whichever. A million questions dance on my lips, but I resist asking him. If there is one thing I do know about Big John, it’s that he’s not a big talker, but then one question just shoots right out.

‘Did you get the gates sorted?’

His face turns slowly towards me and I see his forehead slightly wrinkled, an indication that he’s frowning. I hold his stare, but he still doesn’t answer.

‘The gates of The Manor.’ I prompt. ‘They malfunctioned last Sunday.’

He starts nodding and turns his face back to the road. ‘All sorted, girl.’

I bet they are. Does John know what I’m thinking?

We travel in silence, except for John’s humming, and he drops me at Kate’s. ‘Thanks, John.’ I call, jumping out of his car.

‘S’all good.’ he rumbles, and he’s gone.

It’s eight. I have time, so I run up the path to Kate’s house.

I head straight through to find her whisking a gigantic bowl of sugar and butter. ‘Hey.’ I dunk my finger in her bowl.

She swats it with her spoon. ‘Out! I’ve got so much to do! I got absolutely nothing done yesterday.’ She’s really flustered which is a million miles away from her usual calm and collective façade. What’s got her in this state?

‘Oh yeah?’ I smirk.

‘Fun!’ she snaps, tipping flour onto the measuring scales. I take the sensible decision to leave it right there. ‘How’s your brother?’ she asks.

Oh, we’ve gone from Dan to brother? ‘He’s good.’ I won’t go into too many details.

‘Jesse?’ she asks, her tongue hanging out as she bends down to gage the scales.

‘Yeah,’ I flop down into one of the tub chairs.

She straightens up and looks at me questioningly. I haven’t got time at the moment to go into too many details, there is far too much to get her opinion on.


I sigh. ‘He wants me to move in. I said yes, but that’s only because he f**ked some so called sense into me after I said no. He followed it up with a reminder f**k this morning.’ I shrug.

Kate gapes at me. ‘Wow!’

I laugh, ‘Yes.’

‘Isn’t it a bit soon?’ she asks.

The question shocks me, but I’m glad she’s of the same mindset as me. ‘I think so. He wants me day and night and a little bit in between. He’s bad enough already, with his demands, control and worrying. I can’t lose my identity.’

‘Well said. Have you told him this?’ She tosses the flour into the bowl and starts mixing again.